Sierra’s New Equipment Inventory Application

Sierra has just launched an exciting equipment inventory application that tracks information about field devices. The application addresses the challenges of any retrofit or new construction project: determining the quantity, condition, and location of the widely varying products that are up for replacement or integration with new components. This scalable inventory equipment application, which operates on a closed network, enables technicians to log and track the details that are relevant to each product. It is operated from mobile devices with integrated cameras, making it possible to log photos or bar codes, and is easily customizable to address unique variances between projects.

This system tracks the following details for each part:

·         Audit Date
·         Location
·         Category
·         Manufacturer
·         Model #/Part #/Serial #
·         Equipment Description
·         Quantity
·         Condition

This auditing tool is already aiding the management of large, complex retrofit projects, which are becoming more and more common because of their cost-effectiveness. Advances like this enable project managers and purchasing staff to quickly and accurately determine the number of replacement products and the timing in which they will be required. For products that will be reused, it will eliminate the time that was formerly wasted searching through rooms and connexes to find missing parts.