Sierra Control System Maintenance Features

One of the principle advantages of an integrated controls system is its ability to present various facility functions to the user as though they were a single system. Access control, cameras, intercom, building automation systems, utilities, and almost any other electronic system can be controlled from a single human machine interface (HMI), which promotes efficient operation. Sierra Detention Systems has taken this functionality to the next level by integrating maintenance features alongside the system’s other components.

Imagine that a field device is unresponsive. This fact will be announced by an alert in the HMI. The maintenance user can then bring up a set of troubleshooting instructions that walk them through some basic steps to fix the problem. If the user needs more direction, they can simply bring up the as-built drawings through the HMI, instead of trying to find them in the submittal binders. We make these tools as detailed as possible, going as far as to note the wire colors at different termination points. If the maintenance user still has not resolved the issue, they can request service from Sierra Technical Services directly through the HMI, which is also where the issue will be logged, tracked, and resolved.

This technology is especially powerful when combined with our tablet-based controls, which allow the user to be mobile throughout the process. The ability to look directly at a malfunctioning device with troubleshooting instructions, as-builts, and other materials in hand is exceptionally useful. It’s one of the many ways that Sierra has pushed the envelope by listening and paying attention to our customers’ needs. Contact us today to see how we can make your life easier.