The campus you secure isn’t just an assemblage of buildings. It’s a vibrant ecosystem—and everything in it links back to a single mission: creating an ideal place for students to learn. Securing and managing your vital resources, thinking ahead about emergencies that could affect hundreds, if not thousands, of lives…these can feel like a course of study unto itself. Shaping your school security program requires the same mindful approach as tenure planning, curriculum- and budget-setting, and fundraising. After all, your reputation is tied as tightly to your security picture as your academic and athletic performance. With the right approach, your security strategy can encompass much more than the day-to-day prevention of unauthorized access. Sierra Companies can offer insights that lead to operational and cost efficiencies. And, in an age when every potentiality must be examined to prevent danger from unfolding, these solutions can help you exercise the utmost control.

  • Monitor environmental conditions, maintaining each building’s unique purpose, while supporting efficient energy use.
  • Analyze information, taking a closer look at foot-traffic patterns or repeated access behaviors that raise flags of concern.
  • Take central control of every building and coordinate with fire alarms and 911, while integrated alert systems deliver life-saving instructions—wherever and however your students, faculty and visitors can see or hear them.


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