Russell Pilcher

  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Russell began the innovative drive that has now bloomed at Sierra. His career in the detention contracting industry began when he was 16, and throughout the years, he has worked on every locking device imaginable. Drawing on that depth of experience, he invented cell line locking devices that were granted patents by the United State Patent and Trademark Office (4641458) and the Queen of the Government of Canada (1,278,584). He then designed a swing door and frame assembly for the three-hour fire label, Type A as granted by Warmock Hersey. While working for Southern Steel, he invented electro-mechanical cell line and corridor locking devices, which were patented under that company, and he later refined his design to meet the requirements of CA DOC applications. In his leadership role, Russell now encourages the next generation of tinkerers who have facilitated Sierra’s growth into a technology company.

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Tom Chapin

  • Director of R&D, Engineering
Tom has been working in industrial controls for over two decades and his unique approach to problem solving is invaluable in guiding Sierra research and development efforts. In response to a need voiced by our clients, Tom and his team have developed a controls platform that can run on a tablet computer, which enables immediate action, direct supervision protocol, and the ultimate flexibility.

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Paul David Sims

  • Director of Product Development
As the head of Sierra’s Electronics Department, Paul David (better known as PD) has led his team to significant advancements in our security electronics work. By moving to a SQL database backend, he facilitated the controls engineers in integrating with many third party  management systems. He and his team have built an entire maintenance interface that can walk onsite crews through troubleshooting procedures and provide access to as-built drawings and wiring diagrams.

His design and assembly teams have migrated from isolated wires and relay to door boards to minimize possible failure points, provides problem indicators, and narrows the margin for human error, during both assembly and installation. The engineering teams continually optimize their drawings and schematics to provide the best engineered package in the industry.

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