Let’s break it all down. We aren’t your typical integrator and our decades of experience have made us experts in quite a few configurations. Here, we’ll show you the system concept: Your single system can be a powerful tool to achieve multiple functions. Why have a separate system for security controls, building automation, and fire detection? Why hassle through the chaos of multiple contractors who can’t integrate their systems into a larger, more efficient system?

Why not contract with Sierra to manage your entire system integration? Sound easier? We really think it is. Here are a few reasons why:

We’ve illustrated the concept below in a diagram of what many of our systems look like, though each system is customizable. The Core Equipment Room (CER) is the hub spot for the system. Spoking from the CER are Edge Equipment Rooms (EER), which service any manner of devices; in this diagram we show card readers, PLCs, HVAC units, and camera systems. On the right side of the diagram you will find a blown-up version of an EER that displays the subsystems of each device.



Our integrated systems are becoming known as Division 25. As technology and facilities increase their sophistication, many are realizing the benefit of a single system approach. Division 25 encompasses much of the Division 8, 11, 23, 26, and 28 scopes into a single section for smart, secure buildings. Among these scopes are HVAC, electrical, communications, electronic safety and security systems and each of their respective equipment. Sierra serves as the primary integrator for these scopes, reducing your liability and  streamlining your planning, bidding, installation, and service processes.